All in one--Different Types of Skeletal Quartz Crystals

Different Types of Skeletal Quartz Crystals (Fentser quartz & Enhydro quartz ) - there're clear quartz, smokey quartz,amethyst quartz etc . “Skeletal Quartz” named by its usually uneven appearance, there is usually a skeletal framework structure at the crystal tips or prism body face of the crystal, some look like a room with a window open, and some like parallel universes layer by layer. The formation of interlayers between layers, resulting in water, carbon, or other movable inclusions, is named Enhydro quartz The crystal surface that is not closed is called the Fenster Quartz. By observing the shape of skeletal crystals, we can infer that the quartz crystallization is that first forms a layer of skeleton, which is then filled with a solution to form the surface of the crystal. Due to some special substances in the special magmatic hydrothermal deposit, the formation speed of the crystal nucleus is affected, causing the skeleton to form too quickly. Before the crystal surface can be filled, the next layer of skeleton grows, which forms skeletal crystals.