Colección: Inclusion Quartz


Phantom Quartz,also named Multi-inclusions Quartz refers to the process in which crystals grow, containing minerals such as volcanic mud of different colors. In clear quartz, natural phenomena such as clouds, water plants, eddies, and even pyramids appear,so we call them Garden Quartz or Scenic Quartz . Usually , Epidote / Chlorite included in quartz.


Blue needle included quartz is a special optical effect inside crystals Usually the quartz are clear under daylight ,the blue needles display under lamp light,such as angels feather,so we call them angels feather quartz crystal.


Enhydro Quartz is named the quartz have gas bubble, liquid bubble, carbon or graphite particle include in Quartz.
This type of crystal must be kept in an environment above 0 ℃, otherwise it is prone to damage.
The liquid inside is the "holy water" from millions of years ago.
Liquid/Bubble Quartz is a precious item in crystals.

Angel's Wing Included--Amphibole Included

The Amphibole appears as a finer filamentous substance inside the quartz than rutile , appearing light and soft, just like angel‘s wings.

Inner Crystal 

During the formation process of quartz crystals, one crystal grows inside the body of another crystal,so we call it Inner Crystal.

Minerals Including