Collection: Quartz Crystal Cluster

Aggregation of Quartz Crystals

Castle/Cathedral/Elestial Quartz

Mineral aggregates refer to the form and aggregation of individual minerals of the same type, and most of the minerals in nature grow in the form of aggregates.

The aggregation of quartz crystals can be divided into regular and irregular connections based on their connection mode. In terms of appearance, it presents various types with mineral deposit characteristics, such as crystal clusters, scepter crystals, suture crystals, spherical crystals, flower shaped crystals, cactus crystals, and backbone crystals. From the contact mode of quratz crystals, it mainly includes contact, interpenetration, and clustering.

The cathedral quartz crystal has only one large single point, while the backbone crystal has many independent points that reveal its internal layered dimensions.

The Cathedral Crystal is a crystal that is very suitable for collective meditation, as it perfectly coordinates with the Universal Consciousness and can enhance our individual and group consciousness levels and knowledge updates.