Collection: Record-Keeper Crystal

Record Keeper Quartz Crystal

Record Keeper Quartz is named for the crystal has raised or concave triangles on the R or Z faces.

The origin of this name refers to a legendary prehistoric empire with a high level of civilization - Atlantis.

Legend has it that Atlantis had a high level of civilization, and they mastered the method of using crystals as energy.

They can use a giant quartz crystal to convert cosmic energy to supply the energy needs of the entire city, and they also know how to use crystals combined with herbs and fragrances to heal diseases.

The Atlanteans lived a prosperous and peaceful life, initially focusing more on spiritual advancement rather than technology and economy.

However, the life that used to be like heaven, due to greed and selfishness rising in the crowd, the empire ultimately went to destruction - after experiencing a global earthquake, the entire empire sank to the bottom of the sea.

The high priest of Atlantis foresaw everything and began to apply the technology, morality, agriculture of that time After inputting the wisdom information into the crystal, in order to distinguish these crystals from ordinary crystals, a triangle mark was made on them.

In the future, this type of crystal with a triangular mark will be called Memory Bank Crystal, or Database Crystal.