Collezione: Quartz Grow with Minerals

Minerals Grow Together

All minerals, under suitable geological backgrounds and natural environmental conditions (with caves or cracks), may develop into mineral crystals or clusters.
The output of different types of mineral crystals in the crust varies greatly. Certain mineral crystals are common, such as quartz and calcite; However, some mineral crystals are relatively rare, such as phosphochlor lead ore. Some different types of mineral crystals often coexist together, such as quartz and fluorite, malachite and azurite.
Some minerals have fewer crystals that form regular shapes, such as pyroxene, olivine, etc
A mineral crystal often appears in multiple crystal forms, some common, some rare or rare. For example, large headed crystals are rarer than columnar crystals, and cubic octahedral aggregated fluorite is rarer than cubic fluorite.