Collection: Nirvana/Skeletal Crystal

Nirvana quartz/Erosioned Quartz

Nirvana quartz crystals were first discovered in the the Himalayas. 
Because of global warming and melting glaciers, which led to their discovery.
This is a specific type of growth interference crystal.
Growing year-round under the Himalayas, it contains ancient energy and is one of the favorite minerals for many spiritual practitioners.
Nirvana quartz crystal, also known as ice quartz, glacier quartz, or rock sugar crystal, is formed by the formation of the original crystal and the dissolution of the crystal due to changes in the external environment.
Dissolution is a rare phenomenon of aged quartz crystals, and natural crystals are found all over the world.
The energy of each type of corroded crystal is determined by both the crystal itself and natural external forces.

Nirvana quartz is particularly suitable for adjusting home feng shui.
Its energy characteristic is rich and peaceful, and when activated at home, there is a spring breeze like energy flowing.
For meditation, it takes a little longer to feel the slow flow of energy.
The Nirvana quartz crystal can quickly clear all obstacles and is a dual movement of emptiness and wisdom, an embodiment of unconditional love and light.
It can accelerate our awakening, healing, and provide strong support for comfort, meditation, and healing.

Skeletal Quartz

Skeletal Quartz named by its usually uneven appearance, there is usually a skeletal framework structure at the crystal tips or prism body face of the crystal, some look like a room with a window open, and some like parallel universes layer by layer. 

The formation of inter-layers between layers, resulting in water, carbon, or other movable inclusions, is named Enhydro quartz

The crystal surface that is not closed is called the Fenster Quartz. The size of the window represents the degree of openness of the inner layer. The larger the window, the more layers of internal structure are exposed, and the more obvious the skeletal features are.